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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Occupy Austin Confronting Arne Duncan About Hurricane Katrina

Continue to tear the scar off Doe

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  1. If Arne Duncan or any of the alleged "protesters" were genuine, they would take up the case of Palestinian Christian Riad Hamad, and the reluctance of Lamar Smith and Sheriff Richard Mack, candidates for Texas 21st District that includes Austin.

    To become involved with the case .. His bound tortured body, turned up in Lady Bird Lake in Austin 18 April 2008, he wrote to Austin newspapers critical of US / Israeli policy in the Mid East, the APD says he suicided then bound himself!

    Alex Jones and alleged Mossad enforcer Victor Thorn, should provide detailed timelines for all their movements, in the hours leading up to the discovery of Mr Hamad’s body, until they conducted a studio interview in Austin later that same day!