Labor's Pains

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Song fro the Night: John Waite Change

A Lobbyist And A Senator Walk Into A Restaurant ...

Texas school district wants $70 million for new football stadium

Diane Ravitch on The Daily Show some real talk about education

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Song For The Night: Styx - Fooling Yourself 1978 - Live and In Concert 2DVD set

Kids Table - Government Shutdown

Corbett Frees $45M Philly School Funds He Held Hostage

Another replay another city school closes because no schools helps children.

The Kaplan Teachers

The Tea Party and the Suppression of the Left

Dear GOP - F#@K You!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

We've done plenty of politics but it is time to celebrate our two huge comeback wins.

SNL on Government shut down very funny

Good tweet from David Corn

Bill Moyer: On the Sabotage of Democracy

How Upton Sinclair and EPIC Swept the Democratic Primary 1934

The First "Attack Ads" On the Screen--Plus a Classic Book

One of the first attack ads when MGM set out to destroy writer Upton Sinclair.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Song for the night Natalie Maines Performs 'Without You'

ALEC Wants Back in the Shadows

Hopefully the next Mayor of Boston Labor Day '13

Marty Walsh will be running against the privatization money coming in from outside Boston hoping to get its hands on the Public School riches. You want to see the future of Boston look at all the schools closing in Chicago and ask is this the future of education you want for the city.

McDonald's Employee Confronts Executive: I Can't Afford Shoes For My Chi...

Scaring Up The White Vote The G O P Southern Strategy Lives at Fox New...

Always was there and still there. The Acorn boogie man who wasn't guilty of anything.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Song for the night: Doobie Brothers Live at Wolf Trap - South City Midnight Lady

Government Shutdown Doppelgangers- Day 10

Outsourcing America Exposed - Lisa Graves Discusses

Who Is The Better Progressive Choice In The Boston Mayor's Race? Chris F...

No doubt about it Marty Walsh is my guy.

Another problem with Obama

Hysterically funny Colbert on Shep Smith and Fox's new news desk

Atlas Shrugged its way into 56th Anniversary

Assange: Obama's exceptionalism talk an excuse not to obey rules (INTERV...

Government Shutdown Explained 2- Day 9

Glenn Greenwald speaks of US war on journalism

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Song for the night: The Eagles - Waiting In The Weeds

You're holding hands and laughing
And now the ferris wheel has stopped
You're swinging on the top
Suspended there with him

And he's the darling of the chic
The flavor of the week is melting
Down your pretty summer dress
Baby, what a mess you're making

Miley Cyrus - We Did Stop Official Video [SNL Parody Government Shutdown...

We can defund what we want.

ASK A SLAVE Ep 5: Two Sides to Every Coin

Matt Taibbi on How Wall Street Hedge Funds Are Looting the Pension Funds...

After they steal the money. Their politicians will say we've got to cut back because their is no money to give you for what we've allowed to be stolen. Let's move on. Nothing to see here.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Smokey non-essential government employee

Song for the night: I Miss You - Stevie Nicks (lyrics on screen)

Government Shutdown Reality- Day 4

NEWSNIGHT: Glenn Greenwald full interview on Snowden, NSA, GCHQ and spying

The TPP a 'Corporate Trojan Horse'

Republicans Asked About Giving Up Salaries During Shut Down, Hilarity En...

Clay Bennett succinct on shutdown

The Ed Show - McConnell and Paul caught on camera

OH-08: John Boehner - "Temper Tantrum"

Friday, October 4, 2013

What the Republicans think of government work. I wonder why they all want to work for it

Song For the Night: Bruce Springsteen - I'll work for your love

Sen. Warren on the Shutdown and Why Government Matters

Full Show 10/3/13: Obamacare: The GOP's Waterloo

Government Shutdown Truth- Day 3

The Daily Show does a masterful job taking on Fox and government shut down

Republican Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer Confronts Park Ranger at WWII Mem...

Idiots in Congress. Tea party lunkheads.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Song for the night: Elton John - Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) (with lyrics) - HD

Has GOP Already Defeated Obamacare? State Opt-Outs Leave Millions of Poo...

Has GOP Already Defeated Obamacare? State Opt-Outs Leave Millions of Poo...

Gov't Crackdown on Golden Dawn Won't Defeat Greek Fascism

Golden Dawn...or Dusk? Greek far-right party faces criminal charges

Jesse Ventura: Shutdown is 'despicable,' pardon Manning and Snowden

Government Shutdown Hypocrisy- Day 2