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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Occupy 6-Month Anniversary Protest Ends With Zuccotti Park Arrests

Occupy 6-Month Anniversary Protest Ends With Zuccotti Park Arrests

NEW YORK — Dozens of police officers cleared the park where the Occupy movement was born six months ago and made several arrests after hundreds of protesters returned in an anniversary observance and defiantly resisted calls to clear out.

Some demonstrators locked arms and sat down in the middle of Zuccotti Park near Wall Street after police announced on a bullhorn at around 11:30 p.m. Saturday that the park was closed. Officers then poured into the park, forcing most of the crowd out and surrounding a small group that stayed behind. Police formed a human ring around the park to keep protesters out.

Several people were arrested, police said. An unused public transit bus was brought in to cart away about a dozen demonstrators in plastic handcuffs. One female under arrest had difficulty breathing and was taken away in an ambulance to be treated.

LP - No word yet whether the police were able to track down the owners of Brookfield property to get them pay the taxes they owe or any of the Wall Street execs. who robbed the pention funds, were arrested. If they haven't then they might as well be the paid mercenaries of the 1%.

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