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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daily Kos: Republican turnout woes intensify

Daily Kos: Republican turnout woes intensify

Turnout was improved in Ohio (understandable given the massive effort by Romney and Santorum—same as Michigan), North Dakota and quite significantly in Vermont. Apparently, Vermont Republicans are terrified of getting Santorum as their nominee. Ohio actually had woeful early voting numbers, which means election-day turnout was disproportionately strong, a function of the great deal of attention given to the race in the state. You'd almost be forgiven for thinking nothing else was on the ballot.

But those were the only bright spots, with turnout down everywhere else, including some pretty significant collapses. And let's not forget that 1) the GOP nomination was long over at this point in 2008, with John McCain sewing up the nomination early. This year, there's still a race in progress. And 2) Those numbers include Ron Paul supporters, who aren't likely to support the war mongering GOP in November.

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