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Monday, February 27, 2012

Stratfor Emails Published By WikiLeaks Reveal Private Intelligence

Stratfor Emails Published By WikiLeaks Reveal Private Intelligence

LONDON — Private intelligence firm Stratfor is in the business of shedding light on the world for its many clients. On Monday, anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks was the one shedding light on Stratfor, saying it had more than 5 million of the company's emails and would publish them in collaboration with two dozen international media organizations.

The small selection so far published on WikiLeaks' website gives a look at the daily routine of the Texas-based think tank, whose clients range from local universities to global megacorporations. One described a $6,000-a-month payment made to a Middle Eastern source, another carried bits of gossip dropped by a retired spy, and many were filled with off-color office banter.

An initial examination of the emails turned up a mix of the innocuous and the embarrassing, but WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange promised more explosive material in the coming weeks.

LP - This is just days after the New York Times declared Wikileaks dead. Here's another scoop for the grey lady the Titantic might not be seaworthy.

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