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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mass Uniting plans on holding a funeral for Bain Capital in Boston

For Wednesday, February 22, 2012 @ 12:00PM
Contact: Jason A Stephany, (617) 286-4430,
Funeral for American Jobs to be Held Outside Bain Capital Headquarters WEDNESDAY
Unemployed workers, Occupiers, faith and community leaders to eulogize untimely death of the family-supporting jobs at the hands of Romney-led firm
VISUALS: Funeral service for American jobs outside Bain HQ -- complete with coffins, tombstones, pall bearers and live trumpet rendition of ‘Taps’
BOSTON, MA – Unemployed workers, Occupiers, faith and community leaders will gather Wednesday at noon to mark the untimely death of thousands of family-supporting jobs at the hands of Bain Capital. The Funeral for American Jobs comes as Bain’s former CEO, Mitt Romney, struggles to regain front-runner status in the Republican presidential primary.
The funeral service will be officiated by Pastor William Dickerson, with eulogies presented by unemployed Boston-area workers and allies mourning the thousands of jobs that have been effectively killed by the company Mitt Romney led for more than 15 years. Community leaders will serve as pall bearers for the victims’coffins as they are prepared for burial in front of the Bain Headquarters – in full view of those whose callous actions led to their demise. Tombstones will mark the resting places of nearly a dozen more companies that have fallen at Bain’s hand, along with the jobs that passed away with them.
“This is a sad day – not only for the unemployed in Massachusetts, but for the entire American economy,” said Pastor William Dickerson of Dorchester. “It is with heavy hearts that we gather to memorialize the senseless death of so many American jobs at the hands of one heartless entity.”
Romney has used his experience as CEO of Bain to claim the “job creator” mantle in his campaign for president. But media reports of his tenure at Bain paint an entirely different picture – showing a record of plant closures, bankruptcies and mass layoffs. Republican primary opponents, including Rick Santorum, have used Romney’s record at Bain to effectively halt the front-runner’s momentum in recent weeks.
WHAT: Funeral Service for American Jobs Destroyed by Bain Capital
WHO: Unemployed Massachusetts workers, faith and community leaders memorializing American Jobs and the Middle Class
WHEN: Wednesday, February 22 – 12:00 PM
WHERE: Outside the Headquarters of Bain Capital
200 Clarendon Street – Boston, MA
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Jason A Stephany

Communications Director
617.286.4430 office
608.444.0060 cell

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