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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unoccupy. Why Here and Why Now?

Unoccupied Zucotti Park. It Makes Me Want To Spend Money

The overall thought seemed to be that the government would wait for winter to do their dirty work for them and to sweep away the occupy encampments. The leading government officials seemed to believe that someone who slept in a tent, rain or shine, for two months through all temperatures wouldn't be nearly as committed to their cause; as someone who slept in their own bed every night and had a driver, paid for at public expense, to take them anywhere they wanted to go. Obviously, at some time during November the mayors decided that they could no longer afford to wait.

Cleaning Up Dewey Square Boston. I think It Will Be A Beautiful Square Where No One Will Ask Any Embarassing Questions About Inequity

It is interesting how the mayors decided to move on the encampments during the weeks leading up to the Christmas spending season. After all those in the encampments had given voice to the growing inequity of wealth distribution in this country, as well as pointing out that the politicians themselves were responsible for anemic job growth, and who had begun to question America's need for endless consumption. This is a no-no in this country. Sometimes it appears as if the politicians were nothing more than representatives for trade association or greeters for a leading retail chain. Though many Americans no longer have the income to keep up with their spending there is always credit which tends to help keep Americans in an endless state of indenture.

Black Friday Encampment At Best Buy or A Good Encampment, as Long As they Remember To Bring Their Wallets And Plastic.

Part of the mayor's duties almost appear to keep the large retail chain above water while helping to put ordinary Americans further under water. Americans don't want any ugly Hooverilles  to curtail their incessant spending money; and what puts you in the mood of spending money, you don't have, than the cold sterile lights of an "unoccupied" park.

Christmas Lights In Sterile Zuccotti Park. Now Doesn't Make You Want To Spend?

Services can keep getting cut, homelessness can be pushed back under the rug where it belongs, crime can continue to go unchecked with a pay check for all concerned; and instead they allocate lots of dollars to observe a group of unlawful and unarmed campers who say things they don't want to hear. Mayors can continue to pay lip service for their love of the first amendment as they do everything they can to undermine it and they'll congratulate their "armed to the teeth" police forces for not bashing in the teeth of the unarmed electorate.

Thank God They Are So Professional.Who Could Resist Beating The Hell Out Of Them For Fun?

We need to come together and tell our so-called leaders "we don't believe them and we don't believe they represent anyone." And we will settle for nothing short of real democracy, not democracy for hire by those with the deepest pockets.

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