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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Barbie "Kerry Healy" speaks out to defend Mitt's ability to regulate poor people's ability to reproduce

As Steve Benen noted, we've seen this act before back in April when Gov. Nikki Haley was out there claiming that women don't care about contraception as well, and this Wednesday, we were treated to round two of this nonsense -- Birth control is not a 'hypothetical situation':
Kerry Healey, Romney's lieutenant governor in Massachusetts, fresh off her borderline-comical turn in the post-debate spin room last night, sat down with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell today, and the host asked questions Healey presumably expected, noting Romney's support for the Blunt Amendment, for example.
Inexplicably, the Romney surrogate described the consequences of the candidate's own proposals as "some hypothetical situation." Healey added that even having a discussion about women being able to afford contraception is a "peripheral" issue.
This arrogant attitude is extraordinary. Under Romney's preferred agenda, employers can end contraception coverage for their women employees, and millions of Americans would no longer be able to afford birth control.
Asked to defend this right-wing nonsense, the Romney campaign's defense is that the question is irrelevant -- as if the issue is so trivial, it's not even worth their time.

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LP: It is clear that Barbie knows a ton about the decisions poor women go through. There was a time when they were in financial trouble that they almost had to drop down to three houses.

This was Mitt and Barbie back in the old days when the were the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. This was also called the liberal years. This is before they decided they should regulate the riff raff's birthing methods.

Who is Kerry Healy? Here's what the Boston Globe said about her husband's decision  to relocate to Florida:

The Boston Business Journal reported today that Sean Healey, was relocating from Beverly to Palm Beach, Fla. He is CEO and chairman of Beverly-based Affiliated Managers Group Inc.
The newspaper story said the firm will remain in Massachusetts, but Healey, his wife, and their daughter, Averill, were listed on a form switching his "domicile" to Florida, which has no state income tax. The couple's son, Alex, is heading to college in the fall.
A spokesman for Kerry Healey said that despite the domicile form, she "will remain a resident of Massachusetts, and will continue to remain active in the Massachusetts political scene."
Sean Healey will live in a $17 million oceanfront home in Florida, the state where Kerry Healey was raised. The couple also has a second house in Massachusetts, a second house in Florida, as well as a house in Vermont.

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