Labor's Pains

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I believe in an America where anything is possible. And even the improbable might just happen.

Absolutely one of my favorite Lincoln speeches, not nearly as well known or as famous as his other ones but very important. From his perspective he tells the 64th Ohio Regiment what the the Civil War had just been fought over.

Washington, D.C.
August 22, 1864
I suppose you are going home to see your families and friends. For the service you have done in this great struggle in which we are engaged I present you sincere thanks for myself and the country. I almost always feel inclined, when I happen to say anything to soldiers, to impress upon them in a few brief remarks the importance of success in this contest. It is not merely for to-day, but for all time to come that we should perpetuate for our children's children this great and free government, which we have enjoyed all our lives. I beg you to remember this, not merely for my sake, but for yours. I happen temporarily to occupy this big White House. I am a living witness that any one of your children may look to come here as my father's child has. It is in order that each of you may have through this free government which we have enjoyed, an open field and a fair chance for your industry, enterprise and intelligence; that you may all have equal privileges in the race of life, with all its desirable human aspirations. It is for this the struggle should be maintained, that we may not lose our birthright--not only for one, but for two or three years. The nation is worth fighting for, to secure such an inestimable jewel.

At the Obama Inaugural concert. This land is your land

We Take Care Of Our Own: - or at least we better or there will be nothing left of us.

God Bless America
And keep the dream alive

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