Labor's Pains

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Isolated incidents or birth pains of a movement?

The first thing that any country does when they go to war is demonize their enemy. I once saw an American pamphlet used during WWII of how to tell the difference between a Chinese citizen and a Japanese citizen. It was absolutely filled with prejudicial misinformation. This play book has been followed to a tee when the American corporate aristocracy went to war on its own people. First, they attacked the Occupy movement and then they tried to move on to their own kids teacher. They have begun to have push back that they have never had before. In many ways these are almost like birthing pains that show that another world is possible. If we want it bad enough--

Occupy Wall Street initially surprised the powers that be. They didn't seem to realize that there was anything they couldn't do which would cause the Americans to stand up for themselves. This isn't uncommon as many revolutions move forward in fits and starts. There was during the French Revolution. There was a Revolution in Russia in 1905 before the Communist Revolution. Suddenly in New York there was large streams of people in the streets and shutting down major arteries. Luckily for those running those running the country, the populace has become so de-sensitized to violence - drone strikes, bombing around the world, illegal renditions - that assaulting their own countrymen didn't seem like a bridge to far.

The government destroyed occupy Wall Street electronically through the state controlled media (and the five or six companies that manage it); and physically through state controlled police. In the occupy movement they picked out individual characteristics of  the populace in general might not like or be in favor of and who they then held them up to ridicule. It turned out that despite agreeing with many of the goals that the occupiers espoused but they didn't want to be seen as a bunch of bongo playing hippies. You have people who would benefit directly from the policy that the occupiers were promoting - namely the police and their pensions - laughing about assaulting the people fighting for them. Then when the police moved in no one wanted to be associated, forget about supporting "those types." They pepper sprayed ordinary Americans and beat children with batons.

Now another birthing pain has erupted in Chicago. It will be interesting how the government will attempt to suppress and destroy the Chicago teacher's union. Right now they are focusing on the money aspect of a teacher's contract as they try to split them from the Chicago population at large which to this point has largely supported them. They are staying clear of issues where the teachers are lock step with the community.

The teachers in the inner cities and blamed for the abject poverty that surrounds the, like if they could just get rid of the teachers they'd make the problem go away. when really the politicians, as hand maiden to the money class, has more to do with the large pockets of blight that are dotting the land of plenty. What they are doing is destroying the quality teachers as a way of cutting loose the poor people they are attached to. It takes a certain income level before you're even thought of being valuable enough to get services.

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