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Friday, September 14, 2012

Daily Kos: Boston Globe: Brown's new ad 'stretches credibility'

Daily Kos: Boston Globe: Brown's new ad 'stretches credibility':

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LP - Brown lies again. Shocking. What do you expect from an ordinary man in a pick up truck.
Scott Brown is pumping up his resume again, but this time it's not silly statements like he's so important that he has secret meetings with foreign heads of state or that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton practically has him on speed dial because he's so necessary to the administration. No, this bit of self-puffery is in this new ad. Starring his pickup truck. Of course.

In the ad, he claims that President Obama signed his legislation to prevent members of Congress from using insider information to profit in the stock market. Guess what? That wasn't his bill that Obama signed; Brown's bill got shelved.
“So I filed a bill to stop insider trading in Congress, and got it passed and signed into law,” Brown says in the ad, which shows him standing with Obama at a White House signing ceremony.
Brown’s bill, however, was not signed into law. The bill that made it to Obama’s desk was introduced by Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, the Connecticut independent. [...]
Brown has said that he does his homework and that he reads the bills that come before Congress. But in this instance, Brown’s measure was so hastily drafted that it contained exact language lifted from an earlier House bill on the same subject. And even after Brown’s draft was set aside by the Homeland Security Committee in favor of another version, Brown continued to claim credit in an encounter with President Obama.

As usual, Brown is lying about his record, trying to make himself appear more competent, more accomplished, and more important than he is. The common man in the pickup truck has some serious self-aggrandizement issues. Also, too, some serious being-able-to-differentiate-truth-from-fiction issues.
Asked for comment, Brown's campaign issued a statement that failed to acknowledge that Brown was falsely claiming that it was his bill that made it into law. The pickup truck had no comment.

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