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Friday, September 14, 2012

Chicago Teachers Strike: Negotiators Agree To 'Framework' To End Strike (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Chicago Teachers Strike: Negotiators Agree To 'Framework' To End Strike (PHOTOS, VIDEO):

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LP - Let's hope they got a decent contract for these people that deserve battle pay.
CHICAGO -- The city's nearly weeklong teachers strike appeared headed toward a resolution Friday after negotiators emerged from marathon talks to say they had achieved a "framework" that could end the walkout in time for students to return to class Monday.
Both sides were careful not to describe the deal as a final agreement. They expected to spend the weekend working out details before union delegates are asked to vote on the package, probably sometime Sunday.
Chicago School Board David Vitale said the "heavy lifting" was over after long hours of talks placed "frameworks around all the major issues."
The school district and union negotiators "put things on the table over the last few days to help each other" and put schools on track to reopen next week, Vitale said.
"Our kids are going to get the time they need in this school year, and they're going to get the time they need in the school day. And our teachers are going to get the respect they deserve for their hard work with our kids," he added.
Robert Bloch, an attorney for the Chicago Teachers Union, said union leaders updated delegates on the progress at a meeting Friday afternoon.
"It's been a very difficult agreement," Bloch said. "This has been one of the most difficult labor contracts negotiated in decades. Many of the core issues of the contract have been worked out, but not all of them."
About 15 minutes after union President Karen Lewis entered the delegate meeting, delegates could be seen through the windows cheering and applauding, some of them on their feet and pumping their fists in the air.
Journalists were not allowed inside, and there was no way to know what they were applauding.
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