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Monday, August 12, 2013

A few facts out of Michigan just amazing.

  • Five new cities under an unelected Emergency Manager’s rule — Flint, Hamtramck, Allen Park, Inkster, and Detroit, Michigan’s largest city
  • Over half of Michigan’s African Americans without democracy at the local level
  • Five new school districts in financial emergencies and under Emergency Managers — Pontiac, Hazel Park, Buena Vista, Highland Park, and Muskegon Heights
  • Enacted a new Emergency Manager law just three months after voters rejected the previous similar one at the ballot box
  • Dissolution of Buena Vista and Inkster school districts due to lack of funds
  • One in ten Michigan schools facing bankruptcy
  • Michigan’s unemployment rate stagnant two months ago and actually increased last month.
  • Taxes raised on over 50% of Michiganders
  • Taxes increased on seniors
  • School funding slashed
  • Decimation of our public school system through increasing numbers of for-profit charter schools, the highest percentage in the nation
  • Huge tax break for corporations that appears to have had little if any effect
  • Michigan’s largest city in bankruptcy
  • Lack of transparency in his administration including a top aide being paid from a privately-funded slush fund
  • Secret “skunk works” group working to privatize/voucherize Michigan schools in violation of the constitution
  • Passage of widely unpopular right to work legislation
  • Failure to pass Medicaid expansion that will save billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives

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