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Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Hampshire Considers Collective Bargaining Ban

New Hampshire Considers Collective Bargaining Ban

The war over public employee collective bargaining has moved to New Hampshire, where the Tea Party-controlled legislature has taken up consideration of a bill banning collective bargaining in the state.

The state House Labor Committee is hearing testimony Thursday regarding a package of bills that local labor leaders consider the latest in a series of attacks on public employees. Among these are bills to prohibit collective bargaining among public employees, a bill to prohibit the collection of union dues from wages and a bill eliminating lunch breaks for workers. The bills follow a contentious debate over right-to-work legislation in the Granite State that resulted in the legislature narrowly sustaining Gov. John Lynch's (D) veto in early December.

"We had a drawn out right-to-work fight," said Mark Mackenzie, president of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO. "We have a group that is not in favor of organized labor. They see the second part of the session to focus on their ideological views of labor."

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